Monday, April 14, 2014

Eddie's First Twins Game!

We headed into Minneapolis after church yesterday to take in a chilly (okay, downright cold) Twins game.  Even better, we made it to the end of the game, and the Twins won - sweeping the series against the Royals!!!  I told William I would have been happy making it through the 5th inning, but the kids were doing pretty good (with the help of an iphone or two and the LeapPad) so we were able to stay for the whole game.  Libby didn't want to leave when it was time to go - she was having such a fun time. 
Needless to say, both kids slept on the way home!  Eddie's first Twins game was a success!
William and Eddie at the game on Sunday!

Having fun at the game!
Schulze Family - April 13, 2014.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The reason it takes so long to put away the stroller in the garage...

After our walk last night the kids were distracted by the snowmobile in the garage.  Not sure if it was strategic on their part to get out of going back in the house or not, but I took advantage of getting some cute pictures of them anyway.

"Look at me Daddy!"
"Vroom, Vroom"
This is how your face looks when you go fast, Eddie!
And when you go really fast, it looks like this!!!
Daddy, can you teach me some tricks?
Look at my trick, Daddy!
Smile for the camera, Libby!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What is this I see???

Friday, April 4

Tuesday, April 8

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Day Off...Kind Of -

Decided to stay home from work today due to the snowstorm.  Just didn't seem like fun venturing out into the wild with the kids in the back seat with a foot or more new snow on the ground.

So I set up my laptop on the kitchen table, remotely logged into my office network and got to "work".

Seemed to actually work better than it has previous times - only kicked me off the network a few times and I think that was more problems with my Internet connection at home than the office network.

Worked for a few hours and then headed outside to help the kids blow off some steam in the snow.  Eddie tries to do everything his sister does, but he just couldn't keep up in the deep snow.  Finally William had enough of the driveway cleared that Eddie played in that spot for quite a while.  After about an hour outside, we came in and had some lunch and then the kids went to their bedrooms for afternoon quiet time. 

I headed back to the kitchen table to "work" some more.

Connection died a little bit later again - so I decided to go to the Co-op and pick up some groceries.  Made a list and headed out the door. 

Cleaned up the kitchen (with William's help) upon my return and after getting all the groceries put away, I finished up the remainder of my "work" that I could do remotely and am ready for a peaceful evening at home with the family.  Planning to make pizza for dinner and possibly watch a movie - likely while folding baskets upon baskets of clean laundry. 

Some photos below of our snowy morning recess -

Miss Libby
Mr. Eddie
Queen of the Hill
He's down...
Still down...
Almost up...
He made it back up!  Only to repeat the entire process about 50 more times!
Is my garden ever going to be visible???  My seed starts will need to be transplanted twice before I can plant them out here...

A blessed day for sure.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GOALS for this week.

I am a slacker lately.
I am going to set 4 goals for the week and see if I can make them happen.

1) Finish Loan Application for getting pre-approved for mortgage.  This needs to happen.  ASAP.

2) Dream of when my back yard looks like this...  Cause reality is really harsh at the moment.  And it is depressing.

 3) Hire a cleaning lady to help me out every other week until this house sells.  At this point in time, it is worth me spending the money to hire someone to help.

4)  Spend one on one time with each kid this week.  They are growing up so fast.  I know I struggle with wanting to get everything done, but spending time with them needs to be a priority.  Really. 

I mean, Eddie will be two years old in two months.  He can count to 10 and sometimes 15 or so.  He loves to sing (mostly a mis-mashed combination of "On Top of Spaghetti and Jesus Loves Me", but that is another story...)  I think some time playing blocks would be a good start.  Then maybe we can make a batch of muffins together.  He still loves "cooking". 

Libby will start SCHOOL this fall.  And turn 5 years old.  And take over the world with her bossiness.  Oh, wait.  That last one isn't technically true, but somedays it feels like it is going to happen!  I will take her grocery shopping with me.  She loves it and I actually do really love to have her come with me.  It is like our girl time with each other and she is almost always the sweetest little girl when we go together. 

Remember when Baby Eddie was a baby and had cheeks like this?  Oh my. 

Remember with Elizabeth was little?  The cuteness just doesn't stop with her!!!  Neither does the funny faces!
If I get anything else done past those four things, it is a bonus for the week!

I would like to add a number 5) Watch a Twins game on TV while relaxing with a beverage - but I will have to take a look at the schedule and see if I can make that happen...  I am sure I can fit in at least a few innings!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Seeds are started for 2014

Libby, Grandma Connie and I planted our seeds this weekend in two large flats that are now sitting on my front entry table.  140 little round piles of dirt with promise. 

Promise that someday our gardens will again look like the above - instead of the below.

We planted many different varieties of tomatoes and peppers.  70 entire plants of just tomatoes and peppers for our tiny little garden -  I never know how the seeds are going to germinate, so I always plant a lot and then if I have excess, I can give them away. 

We also planted cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard and a few other things I can't remember at the moment!  I am so excited to see the little shoots coming out of the peat moss in a few days! 

While our home is still for sale, I never know what is going to happen, so I am marching on like normal with our usual gardening activities.  If I have to leave my precious little plants to a new owner come summer, I guess it will just be a bonus for them.  Yummy little heirlooms for them to enjoy!

If a home closing is scheduled for about the time I would usually plant, then I will have to decide if I want to give all the started plants away or maybe there will be a garden area at my next house all ready for me to dig into the dirt - wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can dream!  If nothing else, I can patio plant a few tomatoes and peppers to take with me.  I hear a garbage can drilled with holes is a great place to grow potatoes - I've never grown potatoes.  Maybe this is my year!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waffles to Go

Eddie walked out of the house this morning with both hands full of cut up waffles (which had butter on them, so it was a little messy!).  I asked him if he was going to eat them and he said, no. 

That boy is the happiest kid I could ever come across.  Strange, yes, but happy.   My Momma heart melts on a daily basis with him.  So blessed.

Friday, March 21, 2014

This Moment

She doesn't like to let go of him.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bath Time

Bath Time Snuggle Bugs!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Art Time!!!

I was brave this past weekend and let both the kids paint at the kitchen table.  It was Eddie's first time painting and he really seemed to like it - especially the painting on his face, the table, the chair, etc...
We taped down his paper and his paint palette so we could try and avoid more mess, but he was really good about figuring out how to make the messes on his own!  Even with throwing a white t-shirt over him, he still got paint on his clothing, but since it was washable paint, I didn't worry too much.  After all, what fun is painting if you don't get a little of it on yourself! 
Their paintings turned out great and I can't wait to get them matted and put on our walls. 
Elizabeth is just like me - notice how she is standing on her chair, not sitting?  I was the exact same way in elementary school - eventually the teachers just put my in the back row and let me stand through class.  I fear in today's society, she will be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and they will try to put her on medication.  When in all reality, she is a little girl who has been cooped up and forced to stay inside all day and she just needs to move her body!