Friday, October 31, 2014

The Cowgirl Farmer - Elizabeth's 4K School Celebration

Libby dressed up for her school class today. 

They are having an introduction to their Farm/Farm Animal unit today (which is the only way they can get away with having the children dress up for school) and all the kids were encouraged to dress up as a farmer or farm animal.  Libby is a farmer who works with horses! 

She was so excited to wear the cowgirl outfit over her clothes this morning!  I even put her hair in pig-tails for the day (she usually hates pig-tails, so I told her it was so her hat could go on and still keep the hair out of her face). 

Thanks to our daycare provider who let us borrow the costume! 

The Cowgirl Farmer

She loves the hat!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Shower

Libby and I were able to attend a beautiful baby shower this past weekend for a relative of ours.  It was so wonderful to see all the family and know that very soon another beautiful baby will join our family! 

Edward and William hung out downstairs at the event and towards the end, Edward decided to make an appearance and show all the ladies how he flirts and likes to have his picture taken.  When they were having the mom-to-be, sister and future Grandma pose for a picture, Edward noticed and ran over and leaned in against the chair they were sitting on so he could be in the photo too....  Then he did it again, only this time he placed himself strategically between the two sisters.  My little goof-ball!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Chef

He helped me make bread and rice tonight.  Then proceeded to eat all the broccoli stems (raw) as I was getting some ready to steam for dinner.  Such a wonderful little helper!

Say Cheese!

He would smell the dough then say "delicious"!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Fishing

We headed out yesterday afternoon for a short fishing trip on the river.  It was short because it was so very windy, we all got cold. 

Elizabeth practiced her casting skills and William did some fishing too, but none were caught in the short time we were out.  It was so nice to be out on the river, but with the wind whipping up the white caps, it was less than ideal circumstances. 

Eventually, we headed down river to the dam and fished in the calmer area.  Eddie and Libby had a little picnic in the boat with peanut butter sandwiches, but William and I waited to eat until we got home.  We both needed something warm and a bowl of hot soup was the answer!

Elizabeth practicing casting with her fishing pole.

A very happy William out in the boat.

Edward and Mommy in the boat.

They do like each other!

Fall Fun - Playing in the leaves with no reservations.

Excitement over his sister throwing the leaves into the air.

So happy to have an afternoon at the park and river!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The New House Saga: Living Room Paint (and Kitchen and Entry and Hallway too)...

I think we may have settled on two paint colors for the living room/kitchen area of our house.  Both are shades of gray (one darker and one lighter) and while I really wanted something very colorful, I am very drawn to both colors and am now looking for colorful ideas to decorate the area.  The grays both seem so serene and calming - I guess I could use a little more of that in my life!  Plus with the black bookshelves we plan on putting in the living room, it shouldn't seem too dark!

We need to look at the paint samples on the wall a few more days in different light conditions just to make be certain we are sure of our choices.  Then it will be off to the store to buy more gallons of paint and get it onto the walls!

Monday, October 6, 2014

2014 Hanson Family Hayride

The hayride this year was a great success.  Lots of fun and great food!  Once again, Marvin & Sheila hosted the family at their farm.  We only needed one hay wagon this year to pull the crew as many of the family couldn't make it due to illness. 


Eddie and his favorite thing - a tractor!

Eddie and Grandma Sue on the hayride

Amanda, William and Libby on the hayride

Stopping at the family orchard to pick some apples

Grandma Connie teaching Libby and Eddie how to use the apple picker

Libby testing it out.  She did get an apple or two off the tree using it!

Wolf Creek.  This is the spot where William and I were married.

The family farm.  Thanks to Marvin & Sheila for hosting us this year again!  It was one of the best days I have had in a long time!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4, 2014 -Snow

We had a light dusting of snow last night.  Pretty early in the season for the part of Wisconsin we live in!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Miscellaneous Thoughts - Friday, October 3, 2014

Eddie is sick again...  Let me tell you that little boy is the happiest kid in the world, even when he is sick.  But I am tired.  Not getting much sleep the last two nights in a row is making me drag.

Thankful Grandma Sue was able to come up last night so we didn't have to send Eddie to daycare today.  Hopefully he will get lots of rest today so he can begin to heal.  We have the Hanson Family Shoot and Hayride this weekend.  He needs to be ready to be outside and playing with all the other kids!

Libby has school photos today.  I hope they turn out good.  She has started swimming in her gym class one day a week now, and was so very excited about it yesterday.  She loves to swim (even though she doesn't know how yet...)! 

My youngest brother Jed turned 30 yesterday.  Wow.  It feels like just yesterday I was coming home from school and running to his crib to see if he was awake.  His baby smile was the BEST.  I waited all day long to see that smile everyday after school.  Makes me wonder what it would have been like if my siblings and I were not so close in age.  Would we have been closer?  More/less competitive (yeah, right!)? 

Still haven't decided on paint colors for the living room/kitchen.  I think I need to go get some samples and throw them up on the wall and see what I like best.  It would be so nice to get this area of the house finished so I can decorate.  It feels so blah right now.  And it needs more plants.  Lots more plants!  And lamps.  And books.  Oh, how I miss my books. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Wedding - Bryce and Leah Hanson

Introducing the Happy Couple as Husband and Wife

We were blessed to be a part of a wonderful wedding this past weekend.  My brother, Bryce married the lovely Leah on Saturday, September 27 at our church.  It was a beautiful day (almost 80 degrees!) for a late September afternoon and we were so happy to be part of the ceremony!

William was one of the groomsmen, Elizabeth was the flower girl and Edward was the ring bearer.  They all did a wonderful job!

September 27, 2014

The ring bearer and flower girl.  They kept asking if it was time for cake yet!

Edward and Elizabeth were so excited to do their part in the ceremony, right up until it was time to actually DO the job of walking down the isle - but luckily, the personal attendant was able to bribe them with cake and they happily walked down the isle.  They were so cute.  My heart just exploded with pride and happiness for my children!  Not to mention that I am usually very emotional at weddings anyways, but since I have known the groom since before I can remember, it was even more so than normal!

Our family.

We were able to snap a couple family portraits after the ceremony during picture taking time and the one above is one of my favorites.  We were all dressed up so nice and since that rarely happens, I knew we had to get a photo of it!

William and Elizabeth sat at the head table during the ceremony and I was able to get a cute photo of the two of them as well.  It was really dark, but using Instagram, I was able to make it a little lighter so you could see their faces.  I love it.

William and Elizabeth at the Head Table.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The New House Saga: Decorating the Outside of our Front Entry

The front entry needs something.

What that is, I am not sure. 

Granted, we are going into winter soon, so I won't have to worry about anything but keeping the sidewalk and stoop clear of snow, but it just feels like it needs something.  Something to make it feel more like a home.

A bright red metal star?  A colorful outdoor rug?  A small metal table and chair - painted a super bright color?  Even a large planter with a few smaller ones around it would help brighten up the space come spring.  The area doesn't get much sun (a bit of early morning) so it would need to be shade tolerant plants.

The space isn't that large, but it is big enough that it does need something in that corner. 

Maybe a straw bale and corn shuck for fall/winter?  That could look nice. 

Any suggestions?

Then, what color should we paint the door?  The house is yellow and has a brown roof.  I want something bright.