Monday, September 21, 2009

Quetico 2009 Vacation Photos

The view from our campsite in the early evening hours. It was so peaceful and beautiful on the trip. I wish we could go back right now. It was such a wonderful trip for William and I. We both loved working together towards a common goal every day and really missed that feeling once we left the woods. It would be nice to find that feeling in everyday life as I felt so close to him.

Here I am taking a break from paddling to enjoy the beautiful scenery and peace and quiet.

This picture is the proof that I actually carried my own pack and some other miscellaneous things during the portages. I was only allowed to carry the pack on certain portages because some were too long and/or too rough terrain for me to be able to safely portage with a pack. William was very protective and was always making sure I was safe, but also let me make my own decisions as to what I was able to carry for the most part.

The six of us at the beginning of the trip. We were still smiling at the end of the trip, but we looked a little rough after four days in the woods without a shower/swim to wash up!

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