Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12, 2009

It appears we are not any closer to having our baby than we were last week. Which is okay, but I am so anxious! I know that she will come when ready, but it is so hard to wait to meet her!

We have finalized our day care plans, so at least we have a spot reserved with a provider. I will never be satisfied unless one of us is taking care of her full time, but for now it will have to work.

She was moving around a ton last night and William got to feel one of her moves when it feels as if she is trying to escape. He could hardly believe how much she moved and said that it felt like an alien in my belly... I thought that was funny because that is how I have described those moves for the entire pregnancy.

Back to work for now. Waiting and wondering on how soon she will decide to arrive. The suspense is killing me!!!

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