Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009

Yesterday's appointment with the midwife ended up being okay.

I say okay because we ended up having to be hooked up to a monitor for about a half hour to make sure the baby's heart rate was fine. When she originally tried to check it with the Doppler, she couldn't find the heart beat, then could only find a very slow heart beat (which I think was mine, not baby's).

Once the monitor was on, the baby's heart rate was fine and it even measured some of my contractions (one of which was fairly strong). Baby was sleeping so her heart rate didn't jump up or slow down with any contractions, which I think it what they were looking for it to do. Eventually, we were able to wake her up (by what felt like violently shaking my belly) and she started to do more of what they thought she was supposed to.

I am currently dilated to two cm, but we still don't know when she will be making her debut...

Hospital bag still not packed.

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