Monday, February 14, 2011

Cloth Diapers

We received 14 cloth diapers in the mail last week!  I washed and hung them to dry then started Elizabeth wearing them on Friday night.   Two inserts for a night-time diaper and one insert for during the day worked great for our daughter.  We went all weekend in cloth (except two disposables on Sunday night when we ran out) and no leaks and Elizabeth didn't seem to even notice the difference between the cloth and disposables. 

We ordered our diapers from Sweet Doll Baby Diapers on a recommendation from a local Mom (she recommended them to me when I was attending a nursing mother's support group back in December of 2009).  She has 4 kids so the diapers have been through a ton and she loves them.  The best thing about them is they are $9 each (Fuzzi Buns and other more recognizable brands are close to $19 each!)  I was able to get them on sale for $6 each and they are currently reduced even more to $4.75 per diaper (They are coming out with a new revision and are trying to get rid of old stock)!  I am considering ordering even more as we went though the 14 in two days and I would like to have enough to last 3 days so I can do a washing at two days and still have some left that are clean! 

I washed all the dirty diapers last night (1 full cold cycle with detergent, then a full warm cycle with no detergent) and all the stains came out wonderfully!  I did spray the poopy diapers with an enzymatic stain spray (BacOut), just to try and help prevent stains.  The shells are hanging to dry and the inserts went into the dryer to dry on low heat. 

So far I am so pleased with these diapers!  I even recommended them to another young mother at church yesterday and she seemed very interested.   As in my family, her husband is resistant to cloth diapers (just like William was) but she said she was going to try to work on him a little more and see if she could convince him that the financial aspect of going with cloth (even if only part time like we are doing) is worth it!  I so wish we could go cloth full-time, but daycare doesn't allow it so we are stuck with still buying disposables for use there.  Which is okay.  I will take the small victories where I can get them!

Current Sweet Doll Baby Offerings as of 02.14.11 per their Website

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  1. Thank you! I am expecting in May and getting ready to start ordering some cloth diapers as we would like to start with them. $4.50/diaper is incredible! Thanks for the info and link!


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