Sunday, March 6, 2011

February at Our Home

Elizabeth with her first pigtails.  Getting ready to go to church.
February was an exhausting month for our family.  We dealt with multiple illnesses (colds, flu) and are still dealing with them well into March.  Elizabeth now has an ear infection and a terrible cold that is hanging on and preventing her from sleeping.  The coughing is keeping us up at night also which makes it hard for everyone as we are tired during the day.   

We paid off the truck this month!  It is so great not to have any vehicle payments!  Now we are working on the student loan.  It will be a long road to pay it off, but I think we can do it within a year and a half. 

Once we get over these colds, March should shape up to be a good month.  We are planning on going to Brainerd for a weekend to spend time with family, I attended a faith conference at Northwestern College this weekend and had a great time (except I wanted to be home with Elizabeth because she was so sick). 

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  1. Oh my! February seems to have been the icky month for a lot of us!! Hopefully the coming spring will bring with it many warm, fuzzies to swoosh away the ills(:

    Elizabeth is such a cutie, pigtails and all (: Congrats on paying off the truck. It is such a peaceful feeling and I'm so thankful we were able to do that a while ago. Dave Ramsey would be so proud!!

    Take care and may you have a blessed week!


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