Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Difficult Night

Last night was another difficult night.  Elizabeth was up coughing for over an hour.  Nothing I was trying to do was soothing her or helping her to fall back asleep.  With the both of us crying out of frustration, we finally made it back to sleep for a couple hours before it was time to wake up at 5 AM. 

I am wondering if possibly it could be some sort of food she has eaten during the day?  I know she had gluten on Sunday and she coughed on Sunday night.  She may have had some at daycare yesterday (even though they said she didn't).    It is at least an opportunity for us to explore. 

Off to Grandma's tonight for a couple weeks.  Hopefully we can get Grandma to not give her any treats to see if it will make any difference in her coughing (or eating habits, which are still non-existent). 

I am so tired and exhausted.  I actually yelled at Elizabeth for the first time last night when she (once again) refused to eat her dinner.   I am really starting to feel stretched thin and my mood and temper have turned sour.   Hopefully my night off tonight (Bill is taking her to the city without me for a night) will allow me to sleep good and become refreshed so I can start fresh when I join them in the city.

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