Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elizabeth's Hearing Test

Elizabeth went into the doctor yesterday for a hearing test.  Because she isn't saying a lot of words yet (like Momma or Daddy, etc...) they wanted to rule out any type of hearing problems. 

Well, now she needs to go see an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist as it appears her eardrums are hardly vibrating.  This could be because of a build up of wax (which we know she has) or fluid behind the eardrums or it could be just how her eardrums work.  The specialist will need to hold her down and clean out the wax with a little tool, then look into her ears with a microscope.  Boy is that going to be a fun appointment...  I think William may have to come to that one to help!  I am sure Elizabeth will be fine, but Momma may need some support after having to assist in holding down a screaming child!

We know she can hear, we just need to verify if the amount of vibration in her eardrums is normal for her, or if it is muffled by fluid or wax.  So in a couple weeks, we will once again head back to the doctor's office for another visit.  I should just ask my work to make my paycheck out to the clinic in St Croix.  Most of my money goes there anyways!  (Well, at least for the past couple of months!) 

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