Monday, June 27, 2011

How We Stay Cool

A few weeks ago we had a couple of really hot days in Wisconsin.  One of them was over 100 degrees, so we decided it was time to get Wesley's pool out and fill it up so we could all cool off.   If we would have been smart, we would have gotten the pool out the day before and filled it up as when we really needed the cool water, it was REALLY cold water.  I don't know how the dog managed to lay in it for a half an hour! 

Elizabeth decided splashing the dog was good fun, so William decided that splashing her would also be good fun.  She was okay with it as long as it was small splashing, but when he tried to really get some water on her, she ran to Momma for protection. 

Momma decided she needed to cool off as well, so in my feet went to the freezing cold water.  After a few minutes, the feet started to go numb and then everything felt better.  Needless to say, we cooled off pretty fast in our little "freebie" pool (that neither of us can remember where we got it from, but we know we didn't pay anything for it).

Elizabeth sure had fun playing in the water!  She even got daring enough to put one of her feet in the pool multiple times, but never quite put her foot down to the bottom of the pool.  Plus, I don't know if Wesley really wanted to share the pool.  After all, it was his pool before she arrived on the scene. 

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