Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Re-purposed Table Cloth

When my step mother-in-law was cleaning out her home in the city in preparation to move, I had asked her if she had any linens that she didn't want anymore and wouldn't mind donating to my stockpile.  I received a wonderful stash of tablecloths, place mats and cloth napkins.  There was one huge green tablecloth that I didn't know if I would ever use, but the fabric was so beautiful that I thought I would take it, just on the off chance that someday I would have a huge dining room table.

Fast forward a year and that tablecloth was still sitting in my basement, not used once.  I don't like having things that I don't use or find beautiful, so I had it in my mind that maybe I could re-purpose the tablecloth into something else.  A quilt backing, a curtain, a skirt, the options were endless as this was a huge piece of fabric.

While trying to eat dinner at our kitchen table one evening, the sun was shining in the window so brightly that we couldn't even sit there.  That's when it hit me.  My kitchen counter tops are dark green, so why not have a dark green curtain?

So two nights later I pulled out the old sewing machine and got busy sewing a curtain for that kitchen window.  (We used to have mini-blinds in this window, but I broke them and never replaced them because I hate mini blinds.)

It took me two nights of sewing and ironing and pinning, but I am in love with the end result.

Plus I can eat dinner at my table again with my family which is always one of my favorite parts of my day (as long as Elizabeth is cooperating)!

She is just so cute!  I couldn't resist adding a picture of my little Elizabeth!

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