Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My family needs to stay off roofs...

In the last couple years we have had 3 family members fall off roofs and seriously hurt themselves.  On Labor Day, my youngest brother fell off a roof.  He had picked up this part time job helping a friend do some construction work (he also works full time as a construction laborer) to make some extra money so that he could fix the transmission on his car. 

He shattered both heels.  He has to have surgery on both to install pins and plates to try to help him regain his ability to walk.  He will never have good balance from side to side again and has basically ruined his feet for life.  But he will be able to walk again.  He will probably never be able to do construction, but he will be able to get some other type of job (if he is willing to). 

Did I mention that he doesn't have health insurance?  Crazy 27 year old kid... 

Update:  The surgery went well (09/15/11) and he is now trying to deal with the pain.  It will be at least three months before he can even start to try to walk on them. 

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