Monday, November 7, 2011

Kids get strange illnesses.

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is strange.  At least when Elizabeth gets it.  She is the happiest little girl, except she has blisters all over her body.  Her pediatrician said that most kids just get the blisters in the mouth, but Elizabeth has them everywhere.  Her hands, feet, knees, butt, mouth and arms.  Thankfully, after 4 days home with Momma & Daddy, she is back to daycare today at the okay of the pediatrician. 

Let's hope she didn't infect anyone before we noticed the blisters on Thursday morning...  Not likely, but a responsible parent can hope she didn't infect anyone else, can't I? 

(She got it from biting a boy at daycare...  And yes, we are working on the biting problem.)

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