Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold. No, Frigid.

It was -15 degrees at our house this morning.  The weather people were saying it felt like it was close to -40 with the windchill.  We were able to get both cars to start (one needed a little help by plugging it in) and the kids were safely ushered off to Tiffiny's house for the day.  Was comforting to pull into her driveway and see the outdoor wood burner chugging out the smoke.  I know my babies will be nice and warm all day long.

I made it to the office and now after finishing my cup of coffee (thank you my wonderful Husband), I have turned my space heater on and am well on my way to staying warm in my corner of the cement block.

Some pretty good homemade chicken curry over brown rice (curry made with sweet potatoes, zucchini, apples, fresh ginger, garlic and coconut milk) for lunch today.  It was a new recipe I tried last night and I like it.  William liked it to, so I think we will keep it in the rotation.  Plus, it made enough to freeze a large portion for in the next few weeks.

We had potluck at church yesterday and William and Leann joined us for the meal.  I made a hamburger, potato and carrot casserole and it was gone in no time!  I even heard a few people saying how good it was.  It was also a new recipe, so I am glad it went over well.  I liked it as well.  Will make it again when I have more potatoes to use up.  Only problem is that it has to bake in the oven for a couple hours.  Not an option for us during the week unless I make it ahead of time on the weekend. 

Libby has completed her first week of potty training.  She is doing much better than expected.  We haven't had any luck with her going "#2" on the potty yet (she still does this in her underpants), but 99% of all peeing now occurs on the potty.  She even took a nap yesterday without wearing a diaper.  I believe that soon we will be out of diapers for her! 

Eddie is growing like a weed.  We had to buy him some different PJ's this weekend as his 12 month ones were getting too small (in the Gerber brand, which does tend to run a little smaller than other brands).  We wanted zip up ones and I could only find them in the Gerber brand, so we went with 18 month ones.  And they fit him pretty good...  Sigh.  My baby is growing up too fast.

So thankful today for my warm house.  While it may not be our dream house in the country, it is warm, dry and comfortable for our family.  We are so very blessed.

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  1. Goodness, that is cold! Brrr. I think I'd need a space heater, too!


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