Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting Dressed and Potty Training Update*

Libby has been doing better at getting dressed in the mornings.  I think the fact that she is on her second week of potty training has helped because she likes to put on her "undies" in the morning.  We had to compromise this morning with only putting on her undies, pants and socks and keeping on her nightgown, but at least I got her out the door to Tiffiny's house without too many tears.

The potty training has been going okay.  She is getting much better at the peeing, but the pooping isn't going well at all.  She hasn't done that in the potty once.  I don't want to give her a complex about it, but I thought we would be past this by now.  She does tell me she is scared to poop in the potty and I have tried explaining to her that it is safe and okay to do, but she still gets scared.

We will keep plugging away at it and eventually I know she will get it. 

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