Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gratituesday: One Thousand Gifts

Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers hosts Gratituesday every week.  Laura is loving Monday's this week (something you will likely never hear come out of my mouth, that is as long as I am working at a job away from my home) and others are joining in and sharing what they are grateful for today. 

Since I am currently doing Ann Voskamp's bible study on One Thousand Gifts, I figured I could list some of the things I am grateful for on this frigid day.

Heated Seats in my Car
A warm, comfortable home
Cuddling with little Edward
Hugs & Kisses from Elizabeth
Hot Coffee made by my Husband
Photo Collage of my Kiddos in my Office
Beautiful fabric art hanging on the wall
Freshly sharpened pencils
A gifted rock on my desk (from Elizabeth)
Sparkly nail polish
Pink Boots on a little girl

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