Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We are still here.

Life has caught up with me. 

I haven't downloaded the few photos in the camera in weeks and really haven't taken that many pictures either.  I just don't feel like I have much to share here these days. 

So, here is a quick update on what we have been doing...

We went to the Zoo this past weekend.  Libby loved it.  She ran around like a crazy three year old pointing at all the animals.  She said her favorites were the fish, but I know she enjoyed the monkeys and bears as well.  Eddie was content in the stroller or simply being held.  He is the best baby ever.

Eddie just broke through his first top tooth today.  My little boy's gummy smile will be gone in a few days.  Makes me sad, but I am sure his top teeth will be as cute as the bottom two.

We are forecasted to receive about 6 inches of snow in the next few days.  UGGGGHHH.

My garden plans are non-existent.  But, since I just started seeing the raised beds this week as the snow piles are melting, I guess that is okay at this point.

I finally got my income taxes started and finished on Sunday.  It took me a whole hour to do them (I know, silly), but they always get put off...  Now, if the two state ones would just be accepted through e-file, I will be happy.  Federal one is already accepted.  I heard Turbo Tax was having problems with their e-file program, so I am monitoring more closely than I usually would.

Libby hasn't been sleeping well lately.  Which means I am not sleeping.  She seems to be afraid of everything and doesn't want to even be in a room by herself.  I know about irrational fears (I have a few myself) and I know that there isn't anything I can tell her to make her understand that her bedroom is safe (I have tried, oh yes, multiple times).  So we keep plugging on and keeping her lamp on until she falls asleep.  Hopefully, it will eventually get better.

We would like to put our house up for sale this summer.  That means there is a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.  We are procrastinators and hate doing these things because we are not great at them and it gets frustrating as well as we would rather be doing something fun.  Which is probably why our house is still not finished...  Maybe our next house should be move in ready.

My laser eye surgery turned out great.  Now it is William's turn to have it done.  More money spent, but I think it was worth it for me.

Hopefully soon I will have something exciting to post.  I need inspiration.  Winter is just dragging on far too long here and it is depressing!

Until next time...

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  1. I'm glad your eye surgery went well! Good eyesight is priceless. So sorry your winter keeps dragging on. We just started to get warm weather in the last week or so and it has been such a welcomed change. I hope the snow holds off and spring comes soon for you guys!


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