Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Little Beauty Around the Homestead

I use the word "homestead" very loosely.  We live in town.  We have a small garden that doesn't really provide a lot of food.  We don't have any animals, unless you count the cute but very lazy cat.

But, deep in my heart, I want to be a homesteader of some sorts.  And since homesteading means different things to different people, I guess I can call my house a homestead as we are doing what we can with what we currently have available to us.  I love to cook from scratch.  I like crunchy, line dried bath towels (and I think I am the only one in my house that does).  Just this morning before leaving for work I trudged out to the backyard through the wet grass to hang sheets on the clothesline to dry today while we are gone.  Pulling weeds is therapy.  As are beautiful flowers.

While flowers are not a necessity at our home every year, I do like to bring in a little beauty with the limited resources (mostly time these days) we have available to us.  So, I headed to the local store for some dirt and flowers to spruce up the exterior of the house this year.

They aren't much to look at yet, but hopefully in a month or so, we will have beautiful pots of flowers to grace the entrances to our garage and home!  (As a bonus, if we are able to get the house ready to sell this summer, they should help it have some nice curb appeal for our potential buyers!)

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Impatiens next to the kids sandbox.

I also planted morning glories to climb up the rungs, as my kids are a little bit too small to tackle this part of the swing set yet.

Flowers at the entrance to the gated back yard.

Left side of the garage entrance.

Right side of the garage entrance.

House entrance, bottom of the stairs leading to the deck.

House entrance, on the deck next to the entry door.


  1. I don't think it matters at all where you live or how many animals you have. In my opinion, homesteading is a way of life and a preference for living simply and making things with your hands. :)

  2. I like your opinion of what a homestead is! I, too, live in town, and I don't think I'll ever be up to the work and challenges of a large homestead, but it's fun to pursue self-sufficiency wherever we are "planted". I love hanging my laundry, its' so relaxing. I just wish I thought weeding was therapeutic, then maybe I'd actually do it!


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