Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dinner Antics

Every meal at our house is an adventure for one reason or another.

Usually, it is because Libby doesn't want to eat, but last night it was because Eddie didn't want to eat his food and decided to play with it instead.

In his defense, it was a new recipe, and while good, it wasn't the best I have ever made.  Korean Beef over Brown Rice and Punjabi Cabbage.  Beef was too salty (next time I will cut the soy sauce with water to help with this problem and add more fresh garlic, cause I love it) and the cabbage was a little too spicy (I will cut the amount of cayenne pepper added next time).  We will try the recipes one more time to see if the modifications make them better and more palatable. 

Food up to his elbows is a good thing, right?

... and in his hair too!

Teething boy chewing on his wrist.  He left teeth marks.

Practicing blowing "raspberries" with food in his mouth is fun.  And messy.

For cute!

Smiles with TEETH!  Loving this stage with him!

Libby didn't eat more than a half bite of that carrot for dinner.

But she is pretty cute even if she drives me crazy by not eating!


  1. Well it looks like he really enjoyed it! I'm guessing he had to have a bath after that meal haha :)

    1. Yes, he went straight to the bathtub after this meal!


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