Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gratituesday: Backyard Fun In The Birdhouse

There are days in my life where I feel so utterly overwhelmed by the demands placed on me (and even more so by the demands I place on myself).  Lately, to escape the chaos of everyday life, the kids and I have been heading to the back yard to play after dinner.  It has been a real help for me to slow down and enjoy a few minutes in the sun, smile and laugh with my children and peek at the wonder of the growing garden.

We were blessed to purchase the swingset from our former daycare provider when she moved out of her home.  It was a double benefit as she needed the money and we love having it in our backyard.

Libby calls it her "birdhouse" and the name has stuck.  Now most of the family call it the birdhouse.  I pray when we move to a new house, there is another birdhouse in our future!

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Libby's favorite way to swing.

Hanging from the rings is her new challenge.

Eddie loves playing in the sandbox.

Down the slide she goes!

Daddy is going to put him to work raking the yard!

A moment of peace and quiet between siblings.  And then she dumped the sand on his head...

The "birdhouse"


  1. The "birdhouse" looks awesome! Glad they enjoy it so much. Sounds like it's a great addition for you as well :)

  2. Sounds perfect. Sometimes it really helps to just slow down and soak up life.


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