Tuesday, December 3, 2013

18 Months Old



Eddie is 18 months old already.

Where does the time go?

So blessed to have this little one in our family!  He brings me such joy and amazement every day that it is hard to contain it at times!

Some highlights of our precious boy:

  • He loves to sing - EIEIO from Old McDonald is the extent of his singing at this time, but he does it repeatedly.  Multiple times per day.
  • He knows what he wants and isn't afraid to point or say the words to ask us for it.  Ba-Ba (for bottle) is his favorite and he knows just what it means.
  • He slides down the carpeted stairs really fast on his tummy to get from the upstairs to the main floor.  He laughs the whole time.
  • He is getting a little picky with his foods.  He has favorites and wants them.  Often. 
  • He is just starting to get his first eye tooth.  This will be tooth number 13.
  • He loves kitties and puppies.  He says both words very well and also meows for kitties.
  • Mama and Dada are now common words.
  • He is completely fine playing and running around if I am there.  If I leave and he cannot see me or find me, tears flow freely.  Except at daycare (for the most part), he loves it there!
  • We cannot leave him in the nursery at church without Mama or Grandma being there with him.  He will cry so hard he almost vomits.  I wish he would get over this phase a little faster, but knowing I am wanted and needed by him is still okay, even though it can be excessive at times
  • Music is his favorite thing ever.  He dances and wiggles whenever he hears it.  There is the song, "What does the fox say?" and if we sing it to him he raises his arms above his head and dances on cue.  It is SO CUTE.  Melt my heart cute. 
  • He doesn't like to have his teeth brushed.  But they get done anyway with a little bit of struggle.
  • He loves the kitchen.  And the kitchen appliances.  And the utensils.  Maybe he will be a chef.  A dancing chef.  Who must stand on chairs at all times. 
  • He is a good sleeper (for the most part).  Getting him to go to sleep in his crib can be difficult still but we are working on being more consistent with him and it is helping!
  • Occasionally, he will give kisses.  Mouth open wide with tongue out kisses.  Disgusting but oh so cute. 

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  1. He is really growing up! How awesome that he is a good sleeper. I bet that helps!

    PS - Thanks for the comment about my bee post! I think you can keep bees in cold climates, you just have to make sure they have plenty of food for the long winter and you can wrap the hive in an insulating wrap to help them stay warm.


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