Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Wonderful Long Weekend

Memorial Weekend this year was wonderful.  We stayed home and got rest and played outside and literally watched the garden and plants around the house grow in the heat!  Things are looking so wonderful and it makes my heart happy and content. Something about growth after a dormancy is so very refreshing and welcome.  Granted come fall, I am sure I will be ready to see everything to the compost pile.  The way our seasons cycle is absolutely perfect.

We also headed to a local cemetery for the memorial service.  I hadn't been to one in well over 15 years, and it was good to be able to expose the kids to the reality of the reason why we have this day off.  Eddie needs a little work on respecting the flag - they handed out small flags for the kids to wave, and he decided his was better used as a shovel or to tap the gravestones with - but the more he is exposed to it, the sooner he will learn.

The smallest hosta - purchased new last year as when we split the others, we missed filling in a hole!

One of the new perennials purchased over the weekend at the Cafe Wren plant sale.

Another one of the new perennials.

The buds are waiting to open - the anticipation this year is WONDERFUL!
Even the tomato plants and pepper plants are starting to perk up so nicely.  Many are still laying on their sides, but I will simply trench them when planting to take care of this.  Nothing to it.

The green beans are starting to pop through the ground, so I expect to have to do a re-planting this weekend for any bare spots that are not growing.  Pretty soon the garden will be all set and all I will have to do is keep the weeds at bay while the sun and rain do the rest.  Then comes the fun part.  EATING!!!

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