Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 - Journal

Today, I am...

... thinking about the next room in our house to get its makeover.  My bedroom!  I am on the lookout for a new chest of drawers for William and I to share.  Has to be fairly large and have at least 6 (preferably 8) drawers.

... thankful for a husband that listens to me and tries hard to make my ideas come to life!

... from my kitchen pork and lentil soup with kale.  A large pot of it.  Enough to freeze and eat on for most of the week!

... reading pinterest links for decorating my bedroom. 

 ... hoping for this week to be productive both in the office and at home.

... creating a menu plan for this week.  Now that it is getting cooler, I want warm foods.  Soups, potatoes, stews, etc.  And roasted vegetables.  Lots of roasted vegetables!

 ... hearing the sound of machinery working on the road.  Hopefully we will have new blacktop soon!

... around the house changing linens on all the beds.  So the laundry room is full of things to be washed!  And  I finally cleaned the shower.  No more science experiments growing in the drain!  And I had to shampoo (only used vinegar and hot water) our carpet on the stairs - dog peed on them again as she was running for the door.

... seeing leaves changing colors.  Quickly.

A few plans for the week...
Kindergarten school conference
Workout 3 times this week (very sore from Saturday's workout!!!)
Make appointment to take dog to vet.  Something has to be wrong with her bladder...
Financial Management review/budget meeting for October

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