Monday, October 27, 2008

Holiday Season Preparations

I am so excited about this so I just have to tell everyone early! I am going to have a big baking weekend on November 8 & 9 where I am going to get my freezer filled with goodies for the busy holiday season. I have invited my Mother, Sister and friend Dawn to come and help prep and bake:

4-6 loaves whole wheat bread
4-6 loaves banana bread
Double Batch of Wild Rice Soup
Double Batch of Gunflint Chili
Big Crock Pot of Quinoa Chicken Stew
4-6 Apple Pies (prepped and put in freezer)
4 pans Spinach Lasagna
4 pans Cheese Lasagna
Christmas Cookies (to freeze)
2-3 loaves zucchini bread
applesauce (if any apples leftover after making pies)

I am planning two whole days (William will be hunting in Northern Minnesota during this time) of uninterrupted baking! I will be so happy to get the freezer stocked with food again! This past weekend I made 13 Bean Soup and was able to freeze 1 quart and 5 pints of it and still have plenty leftover for this week. I love to have this stuff ready in the freezer, especially during the busy holiday season when I have so much to do already!!!

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