Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have been so busy with projects around the house that I haven't had any time to enjoy sitting on my deck this week. And now it is supposed to be stormy for the next couple days (which is okay because we really need the rain).

This week I have started my "Simplification" project again. Basically, I am going through each room of the house and getting rid of things we don't use. There is a new thrift store/food pantry in town and I am planning on donating the good items to them. I know there will be families out there that will actually use the items.

Last night I worked on the two china cabinets in the kitchen. I cleaned out all the old medicines from the one and re-organized them. I also brought out all the dishes/china we have and put them in both the cupboards. I had an everyday corelle brand set and my Grandmother's china boxed away. I like to use the china for weekend breakfasts and I would like to use the everyday corelle set for when we eat outside on the deck. I also have another set of fancy dishes that has service for 12 that I only use for holidays. I know it seems silly to have all of these sets of dishes, but every single one has a sentimental value and so I cannot bear to part with them at this point in time... If we ever had to downsize to a smaller home, I would definitely have to part with at least two sets.

I also finished unpacking and hand washing all my new Tupperware containers that were purchased through the party I had a few weeks ago. Now, I just need to find places for all of the items! I am going to have to re-think my entire kitchen cabinet organizational system... But it sure will be nice to not have to worry about bugs and stuff in my flour and sugar anymore!

I needed to unpack all the Tupperware because I needed the large box it came in to sort through my clothing. I am packing away all my winter clothes (I know, it is getting kind of late for that considering we will be pulling them out again in a few months...) because I will not be needing them for quite some time, as they don't fit around my ever expanding belly. So after putting all of them into separate boxes (donate and keep), I have about two items that I can wear. Okay, so it is a few more than that, but really not much. If I don't do laundry every single week, I will run out of clothes. But it does give me a good idea of where to start on purchasing more items that will fit me through the pregnancy.

After all of that I realized it was bed time so I fell into bed exhausted and with swollen feet and legs. I was hoping it was going to be just a hot weather issue with the swelling, but it appears that being on my feet for 5 hours in the evening does it just as bad as the weather. I guess I am going to have to slow down and take it easier through the pregnancy than I had hoped.

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