Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

I am so impatient! I just want her to be here NOW!!!!

No baby yet... Hardly any contractions today.

I did get to hold a baby today that was almost a month old. She is so tiny at barely 8 pounds. My baby could be bigger than that when she is born! I had a dream last night my baby came out and it was the size of a very large 6 month old. It could practically talk already and even though she was beautiful, I could hardly pick her up! I need to stop dreaming!!!

Another appointment with the midwife tomorrow afternoon, so we will see if this baby is making any progress or not. I have decided to start my maternity leave on Monday, so after tomorrow it will be no more work for me until the end of January or beginning of February. At least no more work out of the home. It will be so nice to just be at SAHM or SAHW for a month or so.

Hospital bag is still not packed...

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