Monday, April 19, 2010

We had the best day yesterday!  I love it when those days happen. 

We woke up as a family after sleeping in until 7 AM and William had to go to work so Elizabeth and I decided to go to church.  We made it through the entire service for the first time! 

We stopped at Grandma's house to drop off something for one of the church members and had a short visit with her. 

We then went grocery shopping and Elizabeth was happy the entire time.  After going home and getting the groceries put away and eating lunch and then nursing Elizabeth, we were able to make a loaf of bread and get dinner prep started. 

We weeded the strawberry patch and did all the dishes! 

Elizabeth then decided to play in her Jumparoo for the next hour and she bounced for almost the entire hour! 

She then got tired and fell asleep on my shoulder.  After a short nap it was bath time and then she fell asleep in her crib. 

Good days like that make me feel like I can maybe keep some sanity!  I actually had to go pick her up because I was needing some cuddle time!  Usually she demands to be picked up because she starts crying the minute you put her down. 

Now, if she would have slept through the night (she was up twice) it would have been the best day ever!

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