Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March at Our Home

March has flown by.  We started the month with a very sick little girl.  Elizabeth had a terrible cold that lasted for close to four weeks.  It got so bad that I took her into the doctor and made them do a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia.  She was coughing so bad I was sure she had something worse than a cold.  But thankfully, she was just as the peak of the cold and it started to get better within a week.  She is once again a happy, healthy little girl.

Elizabeth's vocabulary is expanding and this month her words include:
Hi, Oh-Oh, Hot, Kitty, Si (Yes in Spanish), No, Dog (sounds more like Og)

Elizabeth has started to throw massive tantrums when she doesn't get her way.  We have started just setting her on the floor and letting her have them (making sure she can't hurt herself on anything around her).  Sometimes they are quick, sometimes they last close to an hour.  Food is one main issue she throws the tantrums over and the other being when we take things away from her.  I know she (and I) will learn, but right now it is difficult responding appropriately to the tantrum.

Our refrigerator died this month.  The compressor locked up and we decided that we would just purchase a new one (since I get deals through my work as we make parts for Whirlpool, Amana, etc.).  We were without a refrigerator (except for the small one we purchased to get us by) for a week and it was difficult.  I just didn't have the ambition to make regular meals as it seemed more difficult to go outside to the deck and get items from the coolers.  So we ended up eating a lot of sandwiches. 

We ended up taking a trip to Pillager for Suzie's birthday weekend.  It was wonderful to relax and spend time with family.  I was able to knit two new washcloths for our kitchen sink and have been enjoying using them since we returned home.  We were able to re-purpose many old tattered washcloths into rags for our garage with the addition of the replacements. 

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