Monday, May 23, 2011

A Fever

Elizabeth had a fever all weekend long.  Of course, I am not sure why. 

Saturday morning at about 4 AM was the worst, with it spiking to almost 104 degrees.  I was so scared.  We were able to bring it down fairly fast by having her stand in a tub of cool water and wiping her off with a cool washcloth. 

I was initially thinking it was due to teething, but she wouldn't have had a fever that high just from teething.  Someone at church mentioned that there has been something going around with high fevers and sometimes is accompanied by a rash.  She didn't have a rash, but she is definitely fighting off something with that fever. 

She still isn't eating well, and of course with the fever, doesn't want to eat at all. 

Luckily last night we were able to keep the fever away with medicine, but it will be back to the doctor as soon as we can make another appointment.  We did send her to daycare today, so hopefully we can get into the doctor this afternoon to see if there is something else we can do to help her out. 

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