Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Health of Our Home

Elizabeth and I have temporarily moved out of our home until we can resolve the issues that she is having with her health.  We plan to be out of the house for at least three weeks to see if her body can start to heal itself (with the aid of some good probiotics, protein powder and an herbal supplement prescribed by her naturopath physician).  William is still at home with the animals for a week before we can all move to a place in the city together for two weeks.  After that, we don't have anything lined up, but will most likely need to find something else for at least a few more weeks while we continue to work on the house.

We need to remove some mold from the basement bathroom and then figure out some options for air purification system(s) for the main floor (she seems to be having reactions from the carpet?) and for her bedroom.  We also need to purchase a new organic wool mattress for her as she is sensitive to her conventional crib mattress and bedding.  There are also some other changes that need to be made such as a air exchanger for our furnace, a HEPA rated vacuum cleaner, and some serious cleaning to remove dust. 

Hopefully these changes will allow her to return to our home a healthy and happy little girl.  She didn't have a coughing fit last night for the first time in many nights.  I didn't get much sleep as she slept in bed with me, but at least she slept!

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