Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally Eating

Elizabeth is finally eating again!  Over the past month or so her appetite has steadily increased and she is eating a wider variety of foods again.  Nothing spectacular (I still can hardly get her to eat a vegetable, but sometimes she will at daycare), but it is healthy food getting into her body.

We have to try to keep Wesley away from her while she is eating as he will end up eating the majority of the food.  Not by Elizabeth's choice either.  He is now good at stealing it from her.  If her hands are at his level, he just takes it from her.  Another habit we need to try to break!

Yummy Nutella on a gluten free waffle.  She loves waffles and when she is sick or recovering from an illness, we try to keep her as gluten free as possible to allow her body to heal.  Her wholistic doctor feels that since she is so young, her body isn't fully developed enough to digest the gluten's yet, so it is best to keep her away from them when she isn't feeling the best.

She loves her yogurt!  Nothing a bath and a pressure washer couldn't clean up!

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