Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Elizabeth's Doll Crib

Elizabeth has a fancy doll crib.  It was Auntie Stacy's when she was a little girl and she has graciously let little Elizabeth borrow it.  Grandma Connie made it for Stacy and I had one that was very similar to it when I was little, but mine was painted instead of natural wood.

The best part about why mine was painted was because of the origin of the wood.  Now they aren't made of anything fancy, just plywood, but the sheet of plywood mine was made out of was in the barn for quite some time and became covered in cow manure...

Connie scrubbed the wood as clean as she could and then made the crib for my dolls.  She painted it white and then did fancy painting with bright colors on it.  It was beautiful and I loved it.

So now, Elizabeth gets to enjoy Grandma Connie's handiwork every day when she plays with her dolls.
Just like I did when I was little.

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