Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Coloring" at the Kitchen Table

Someone (William) left a red sharpie marker on the kitchen table.  Since Elizabeth is only allowed to color at the kitchen table, she didn't think anything of getting the cover off the sharpie and coloring.  Only there wasn't any paper on the table when she decided to do this...

I was cooking some bacon for breakfast when I looked over and saw her coloring on the table with the marker. 

She tried to clean it up with a towel, but it wasn't coming off.

The masterpiece...

We couldn't get it off all the way, so we just decided to finish making breakfast (I had already burned the first pan of bacon trying to clean off the marker right away after it happened).  There is still some marker on the table that we haven't gotten off yet.  I haven't tried fingernail polish remover yet (as I am afraid it will ruin the finish of the table) but it will be our next attempt.  The table is much to nice to have marker on it...  But then again, maybe that is what tablecloths are for?

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