Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fishing with Daddy

We went fishing on Ed's boat when we were up in Brainerd over Labor Day Weekend.  Elizabeth did okay, but it was hard to keep her out of things she shouldn't be in.  Like fish hooks, the worm bucket, etc...

She is into a stage where she will point at things and then look back at you to make sure you see what she is seeing.  It is pretty cute! 

She was having so much fun in the boat with all of us (right up until we had to change her diaper).  She wanted to be so close to the edge of the boat and it was making Daddy nervous.  Even though she had her life jacket on, he was still a little nervous.  I can only imagine how afraid she could become of being in a boat if she fell out!  We will have to try to keep that from happening!

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