Friday, October 28, 2011

Well on our way... to miscellaneous ramblings

We are well on our way to the end of fall in Wisconsin.  The mornings are now very cold and the landscape is covered in frost many mornings.  When the wind picks up, it sure can chill you to the bone.  But I am happy that the flower beds are cleaned out, the garden is cleaned out and the trellis are all stored away for the winter and I only have a few more flower pots out front to clean out before the snow flies.  It would also be nice if I could get my car interior cleaned and windows washed before it gets too cold to do them properly.

Elizabeth is doing well despite still trying to cut her 2 year molars.  Every once in a while she will have a really bad day, but for the most part, even on the bad days she tries so hard to be a happy girl.  She is such a little blessing to us and I seriously can hardly remember life before her.  Now if we could get her to eat on a regular basis, things would really be going well.   She is such a little peanut, but I guess that is just how she was made.

William is excited for the snow to fly.  He just got his snowmobile back from the engine rebuild and is itching to try it out.  Elizabeth and I ended up buying him a digital video camera that attaches to his helmet so he can video his excursions into the snow when he is out west and in Michigan.

This weekend Elizabeth and I will be attending the church Halloween party that my sister organizes.  I am excited to see the little bunny costume on her and hope she tolerates it well.  Last Halloween, Elizabeth had just started walking.  She has come so far in a year.  Now she is practically jumping off couches (she really does think she is jumping off them, when in all actuality, she is stepping off and then rolling onto the floor). 

A few weeks ago Sam the cat got locked outside by accident overnight and in the morning, we found he had killed a bunny and brought it to our deck to show us his achievement.  I pushed it aside when I went to take Wesley for a walk that morning and didn't think any more of it all day.  I came home from work and let the animals out into the backyard to go to the bathroom and the cat came back right away, but the dog didn't.  I just figured he was still going potty, so I shut the door and forgot about him.  William came in the back door when he arrived home and asked where his dog was (as Wesley usually greets him at the door) and I thought "CRAP! THE BUNNY!"  So we went into the backyard and proceeded to find Wesley with two legs of a bunny sticking out of his mouth.  It was hilarious and disgusting at the same time. 

We had to tear out almost everything from our main floor bathroom as William discovered that a fitting had corroded and water was leaking onto the sub-floor and ruining that section of flooring.  So we decided to buy a new sink and put new wainscoting in that bathroom.  It will look great once it is done and I will be happy to have two bathrooms again in the house.  (The basement bathroom hasn't had anything done to it since early spring, so it is still just a tub/shower.)  Then we will have to decide what project to tackle next in the house. 

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