Friday, December 16, 2011


Is Elizabeth ever going to be finished teething?

She woke up again last night in her crib screaming for Mommy with a high fever.  A dose of infant Tylenol and many cuddles and quiet, loving words later, she was back asleep nestled between William and I.   I so enjoy these little cuddle times we get to spend together, even if she doesn't feel well when they happen.  It is so sweet for her to wrap her arms around my neck and snuggle in, knowing everything will be better soon.  Sometimes I even get lucky and get spontaneous kisses and I love yous from her, which makes everything we go through as parents of a sick child SO very worth it. 

I may be very tired today while at work, but all day long, I will remember how wonderful it felt to be needed and loved by a little one who was having a hard night and knowing that I was the one who comforted her and made everything just a little better. 

I am so blessed.

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