Monday, January 16, 2012

Simplify Saturday

I finally got around to having my first "Simplify Saturday" for this year.  Between being sick and gone on weekend getaways, it was good to get this task done!  Below is a photo of everything that will be headed out my door to the thrift store next weekend.

There are over 30 items of kitchen things and two full bags of my clothing.  There are actually well over 100 items here, but I only counted each "set" of things as one item.  There are two sets of dishes (one has service for 8 and one has service for 10, including serving platters and creamer/sugar containers with gravy boats). 

My coffee maker that doesn't get used anymore will hopefully find a good home where it will get regular use.  We make such a small amount of coffee now that we use our french press to make individual cups when we want.  No point in having a 12 cup coffee maker for that! 

Here are some mixing bowls, collectible tins and baking dishes that haven't been used in years.  I am hoping these will get homes where they are used on a more regular basis than I have been able to use them!

Here are some wine glasses that haven't been used in a long time.  I did end up keeping four white wine glasses, as I do enjoy a nice glass of chardonnay every now and then when I am able to, but I really don't think that my entire china cabinet needs every kind of wine glass when I only drink one kind every now and then!  Hopefully these will find homes where they are used as well! 

I am still debating on keeping one more set of china.  It is another one with service for 8.  I will probably end up letting it go with the above items as well.  No point in keeping it if I have never used it (and most likely will not ever use it).

It will feel so good to have this stuff out of my house and have less clutter!  And it makes me feel good to know that someone in our local community will get to use all these items that are still in great shape and have long lives left in them!

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