Thursday, May 31, 2012

Libby's First Fish!!

Over the long Memorial Day weekend it was very rainy.  We ended up going out to eat with some friends on Friday night and Libby didn't want to go with.  When we asked her why, she said because she wanted to go fishing instead.  Daddy was so proud!  So, finally on Sunday morning, it was nice enough for him to take her out.  Then on Monday afternoon, they decided to go again.  And...

Libby caught her first fish on Memorial Day this year!  (Well, Daddy caught it and she reeled it in.)  She was so excited when she got home that she had to show me right away, even though it was raining out and a thunderstorm was on its way.  It was so cute to see how excited she was, not to mention how proud Daddy was of her!  (Ignore the dark spots on her face and neck...  She was eating Spanish peanuts earlier and got the skins stuck to her and wouldn't let us wipe them off...)

She even watched Daddy clean the fish in the garage and didn't seem squeamish about it at all.  Now if we can just get her to eat the fish, the circle will be complete!  My little girl is growing up so fast!!!  I am pretty sure it is time for her to get her own fishing pole.  I think the new baby will give it to her as a gift when they meet.  Then of course it will be her own tackle box, etc... 

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