Monday, December 10, 2012

Stomach Flu - A TMI post.

Libby had the stomach flu on Saturday night.  I could tell something wasn't quite right with her as she really wanted to be held and picked up all day long on Saturday. 

She went to bed Saturday night just fine, then during the middle of the night, Bill heard her crying and got up to see what was going on.  He found her with a pile of vomit on her bed.  We cleaned her up and not much later she vomited again, this time on her pillow.  As I was changing her diaper, she vomited again (of course while laying on her back) and I quickly flipped her over and helped her clear her mouth.  She seemed much better after this and since we didn't have anymore sheets for her bed (note to self...  buy another set of twin sheets) we brought her into bed with us.  I really didn't think there could be much vomit left in that little girl after the last three episodes, but low and behold, she surprised us.  This time we were able to catch most of it in a bucket, but our blankets and sheets got a nice little spattering as well.  Thankfully this was the last time. 

Eventually we all fell back asleep.  Bill and I were on edge for quite some time as the fear of being vomited on (at least for me) outweighs the need for sleep!

The next morning she was asking for food right away, and didn't even act sick.   She had a full day of playing and dancing, so thankfully our first full blown stomach flu didn't last too long!

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