Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TREFC Christmas Program

We had our Christmas Program at Church this past Sunday evening.  Grandma Connie had been practicing with Libby all year with a pretend microphone so that she may not be so afraid to get up on stage this year for the program. 

Lets just say it worked...

The two and three year olds were sheep in the program.  All except Libby because she refused to put on a costume.  She was the "black sheep" I guess.

Libby didn't do what she was supposed to do.  She decided the program was about her.  She stood in the center of the stage with the baby Jesus doll and held him on her shoulders and flung him around.

In order to acquire the baby Jesus doll (the doll was the "spare" in case baby Eva didn't cooperate), she had to fight with another little girl (Ellie).  They had a big blow out on stage.  I wish I could have gotten it on video.  It was hilarious.  Everyone was laughing. 

They had a bowl of treats toward the back of the stage for the little ones to go sit down and have a treat.  Libby took her sucker and went back to the center of the stage.  Everyone else in the program had to just work around her...

Then she decided it was time to head out to the congregation to say hello.  Mind you, we are still in the middle of the program.

Eddie enjoyed his first Christmas Program and his sister's antics.  Next year he will be able to join in the fun!

Note to self:  This year, work on getting her to want to wear the costumes.  She was the only kid who didn't put on their costume.  The only one.  Also, get her to cooperate and do what she is supposed to do, instead of whatever she wants.

On a bright note, everyone thought she was adorable and loved her "performance"...

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