Monday, March 4, 2013

Schulze Shack Happenings: March 4, 2013

Grandma Connie, Elizabeth and Edward
It has been an interesting week at the Schulze house.  Grandma Connie was in the hospital for three nights this past week with a serious infection.  She is back home now and we hope she can rest up and get better.  We stopped by for a visit on Sunday after church and had a nice time with her, Bryce, Leah and Jed.  It was a quick visit, but nice to see everyone again.

My car is in the transmission shop.  I am not sure what is wrong with it, but it has been there since last Thursday morning and they are trying to look at it when they have a chance between other jobs.  I am hoping it is just an electrical problem versus the whole transmission needing to be replaced.  I have only had the car since October, so it would be nice not to have to put a ton more money into it!

Today I am having laser corrective surgery on my eyes.  No more glasses for me!  I am very excited to have this done.  Now if the snowstorm would quit so I wouldn't have to be worried about getting there on time it sure would be nice.  The kids will be staying late at Tiffiny's today so at least I don't have to worry about someone picking them up on time and getting them home.

Libby cut her own hair this weekend...  Thankfully she asked me to come help her before she could do some real damage and I can't really even tell where she cut the big chunk off, so no harm done.  I had to try to not laugh so hard because I remember hearing the stories of me cutting my own hair and lets just say that mine was very noticeable!  Bangs on the back of your head would be pretty visible!

I am itching for the snow to melt and the temps to start increasing so we can start going for evening walks as a family after dinner.  I also am really excited to get the gardens prepared and start some seed.  In the next few days I will need to get my order in and start figuring out when I need to start the seedlings so they are ready to transplant out to the garden the last week of May.  We have such a short growing season here so I need to be ready to take advantage of it.

Libby was pretty much hungry all weekend because she refused to eat what I was giving her.  Finally, last night after we got home from the swimming pool, she decided that she would eat some of the pizza that I made for her.   Three small pieces later she was asking for more.  While I wouldn't declare pizza the healthiest food, it was homemade so there wasn't anything bad in it.  Hopefully, this week will go good with her bringing food from home to daycare again. 

Eddie has been eating up a storm lately.  This boy can really pack in the food!  And his diaper blowouts prove it...  Cloth or disposable, nothing can keep this boy dry and contained.  We are going through a lot of dirty clothes from him lately.  It is a good thing I have my new washing machine to keep up with the laundry.  Now if a robot could just fill the washing machine, transfer clothes to the dryer and drying racks and fold and put them away, I would be set.  Maybe if my laundry room wasn't in the basement I would get to it more often?  Maybe not.

I am looking forward to this next weekend off at my annual conference in St Paul.  This will be my third year attending the Set Apart Conference and I am looking forward to a refreshing weekend away from the hustle of my everyday life.  I can guarantee that I will miss my babies though!  But the break will be good for me (and for William!).  Giving Daddy some time with his little ones will be good for them and him. 

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  1. Sounds like busy times for you guys! Sorry Grandma Connie was sick - I hope she gets better soon. Best of luck with your surgery! I bet it will be nice to get rid of your glasses :)


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