Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Still For Sale...

Our home is still for sale. 

The couple that came to look at it (and came back a second time later that week!) decided they didn't want to make an offer.  I am guessing it was due to the amount we are asking versus the amount they wanted to spend.

But, in all honesty, that is okay. 

I wasn't really ready to move yet anyway.  I think I would rather do it in the summer time (or any other time when it isn't 25 degrees below zero with three feet of snow on the ground). 

Plus, the thought of having to find another place to live - well, it kind of scares me!!!  I am a creature of habit, and a huge part of that habit is knowing where I am going to lay my head down to sleep for the next few months.  I am excited to eventually move, but for now, I am content in my little home in town.  

The next step of our adventure will come when it is supposed to - and I will be frazzled no matter what!

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  1. I'm glad you are ok with how things turned out! It will be much nicer to move in warm weather anyway. You have a good outlook :)


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