Thursday, May 29, 2014

Homestead Ramblings - May 29, 2014

I made the most delicious soup earlier this week.  It had been raining all day and I was chilled to the core.  A good hearty soup is just what I needed to warm up.  So, Shaye's Chicken Tortilla Soup was the one I chose to make.  It was AMAZING.  Even the kiddos both tried it.  They didn't eat it, but they tried it.  I wish I would have taken a picture of it as not only was this soup tasty, it looked pretty too.   But I just gobbled it up instead.  Definitely a keeper!

The lettuce is growing.  I need to thin it out a bit!
The grass is growing like crazy at our house.  I bet we could mow two or three times a week and keep up with it, but who wants to do that?!  Hopefully, someday I will have more gardens and less lawn.  A girl can dream!

I weeded the garden again last night.  The majority of the weeds that are growing are seeds from the trees that are closest to the gardens.  I need to remind myself that at my next house, don't plant the garden close to trees if at all possible. 

I am having some troubles finding one small straw bale to use as ground cover in the gardens.  No one seems to have straw.  Do farmers not use straw for bedding anymore?  We always had straw bales growing up on the farm.  Maybe no one has small balers anymore and only use ones that make huge rectangle bales or round bales?
The Pole Beans.  These ones I will dry in the sun and use the beans inside the pods for soup this winter.
It is Eddie's birthday this weekend.  Little man will be two years old.  We are going to have a very small party for him with immediate family.  Simple food, laughter and play always sound like a good way to spend an afternoon.  I am hearing it may storm that day, so I am hoping it hits early in the day and we can be able to spend time outside or go to the park after the party.  No fun being stuck in the house when you want to go out and play!

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