Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Peonie Love*

The complexity of a single flower and its life cycle.

How much joy it has brought me today and how much it is teaching me about life. 

Today is tough.  I am not even going to pretend I have the energy or the strength to make it through today.  Being a parent is HARD.  Especially when you want to excel at everything you do!  Sometimes, I just need a day like today to make me step back and realize I am not in control and that I can only do so much - the rest is in God's hands.  Children are only little for such a short time - a lot like the blooming of a flower.

The peonie season is just too short, but I will be grateful and enjoy every moment of it.  Just like I will with my children in the short time I have with them - no matter how difficult it is, I will choose to be grateful.

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  1. Take a breath, feel the love flowing to you and from you and remember that you are not alone. <3


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