Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The New House Saga: Dishwasher & Sump Pump

When we bought the new house, we knew there were going to be issues that came up due to the cleanliness (more the lack thereof) of how the previous homeowners cared for the house. 

Last night, William ended up taking apart the dishwasher to clean out the bottom of it as he could see a little bit of food remnants in it.

A little bit of remnants was not even half the story. 

There was a small chicken bone in there, I kid you not. 

After pulling out the components and taking them outside and power washing them, he put it back together and we ran a load overnight.  Needless to say, the dishes were all spotless this morning. 

Amazing what a little proper maintenance (and even a slight rinsing of the dishes) can do.  I was just ready to cough up the money for a new dishwasher it was so gross.  William specifically told me NOT to look into the dishwasher until he was done cleaning it.  He told me twice, so I knew he was serious!

The dirty dishwasher.  Yuck.

Then there was the sump pump.  I am not quite sure how it would even be possible, but it appears there was a bag of clumping kitty litter dumped in the hole where the sump pump is located.  It stunk.  Bad. 

But after vacuuming out the hole and cycling water through the sump pump again, it is at least clear of the kitty litter mess. 

Makes me stand firm on my stance that the previous owners realized there was some maintenance needed on the house and since they didn't clean or do any maintenance, it was time to sell the house.

So grateful this morning I have a husband who can fix almost anything and WILL DO IT.

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