Friday, October 3, 2014

Miscellaneous Thoughts - Friday, October 3, 2014

Eddie is sick again...  Let me tell you that little boy is the happiest kid in the world, even when he is sick.  But I am tired.  Not getting much sleep the last two nights in a row is making me drag.

Thankful Grandma Sue was able to come up last night so we didn't have to send Eddie to daycare today.  Hopefully he will get lots of rest today so he can begin to heal.  We have the Hanson Family Shoot and Hayride this weekend.  He needs to be ready to be outside and playing with all the other kids!

Libby has school photos today.  I hope they turn out good.  She has started swimming in her gym class one day a week now, and was so very excited about it yesterday.  She loves to swim (even though she doesn't know how yet...)! 

My youngest brother Jed turned 30 yesterday.  Wow.  It feels like just yesterday I was coming home from school and running to his crib to see if he was awake.  His baby smile was the BEST.  I waited all day long to see that smile everyday after school.  Makes me wonder what it would have been like if my siblings and I were not so close in age.  Would we have been closer?  More/less competitive (yeah, right!)? 

Still haven't decided on paint colors for the living room/kitchen.  I think I need to go get some samples and throw them up on the wall and see what I like best.  It would be so nice to get this area of the house finished so I can decorate.  It feels so blah right now.  And it needs more plants.  Lots more plants!  And lamps.  And books.  Oh, how I miss my books. 

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