Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Musings - Halloween, Birthday Celebrations and Book Shelves

We had a lovely weekend.  Spent it Trick or Treating with the kids on Friday night, met William for breakfast on Saturday morning (he was out bow hunting) and I even was able to hit two Thrift Stores to see what I could find for clothing for Edward and I.  He needed some long sleeved shirts and so did I!  My office is so cold - I am usually wrapped up in a blanket and a sweater at any given time.

We were able to finally move in two of our bookshelves into our dining area on Sunday.  It is so nice to have our books back in the house!  I have been looking forward to it for two months now.  To celebrate, I pulled out a cookbook and made an herbed casserole for dinner (okay - so it was only scalloped potatoes and ham with herbs, but it still was fun to have the cookbook out on the counter!)

We also celebrated my 36th birthday on Sunday.  The whole congregation at church sang Happy Birthday to me and there were many individual wishes as well through Facebook and phone calls.  I am not big on celebrating birthdays (it IS nice to be recognized, but gifts are NOT my love language - in fact I would rather have you over and cook you a meal than have you bring me a gift).  Libby and I headed out for a girls lunch together after church - I let her choose the place, so we ended up at McKenzie's Lanes.  She had just been there the day before bowling with William, and it must have been fun for her to want to go back! 

We also were able to head to Minnesota to celebrate William's Aunt's Surprise 50th birthday party on Saturday night.  It was fun to see everyone and I think she was surprised to see all of us hiding in her garage!

Edward - November 1, 2014 - napping comfortably!?!?

Who says kids need fancy toys.  Not this Mom.  She played in the box for a good hour on Sunday afternoon!

My dining room book shelves.  So excited for these to be finally in the house!  I feel like such a grown up having real bookshelves in my home!

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