Monday, December 1, 2014

Play Time: Dry Beans

Eddie and Libby have been loving playing with dry beans lately.  They could play with them for an hour straight with little to no fighting - which is a miracle in our home lately!

They are even getting better at not spilling them on the floor all the time!

I figure using spoons and scoopers (and a little fish from another game) can only help them with their control (manual dexterity) and so it is really learning, not just playing for them.  Plus it is fun to see them concentrating so intently!

Scooping up beans with a little fish from a board game.

Intense Focus!

Practice makes perfect!

Still working on it - a half hour later!

Eddie REALLY loves playing beans.  Yesterday, he carried a glass jar of beans down to the family room from the kitchen because he wanted to play!  I can't believe he didn't drop the jar and break it!

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