Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ice Fishing

Took a chance and went ice fishing this past weekend with the family. 

I haven't been ice fishing in YEARS...  But, I did have a fun time even though I didn't catch any of the fish. 

We met up with our Chiropractor and some of her friends on a little lake where the Rainbow Trout were huge!  And they were so fun to try to catch.  William caught two large ones (in addition to the three he had caught the day before!). 

William helping get a fish of the line.

Getting ready to put a waxie on the hook.

The delicious rainbow trout!

Elizabeth's snowman - named Strawberry Shortcake!

Eddie fell asleep on the way to the lake and so he stayed in the truck for the first hour or so and napped while Libby and Grandma Sue build an awesome snowman named Strawberry Shortcake!  Once Eddie woke up, they both had fun with their shovels and looking at all the fish that had been caught. 

It was such a fun afternoon.  Almost makes me want to go again...

And the trout was delicious!

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