Monday, June 29, 2009

My Animals

This is my unbelievably cute kitty Sam. He loves being outside and laying in the grass or in the driveway. Lately he hasn't been very good at telling the difference between the driveway and the street... We may come across issues with that confusion. But for now, he is happy and healthy and I love him. Even though he doesn't always love me.

This is the best Golden Puppy in the whole entire world. Wesley will turn 11 years old this September and is still kickin'. He doesn't like to listen to me but he sure likes food and attention. Specifically in that exact order. There isn't much he hasn't eaten (or at least tried to eat) such as a whole cantaloupe, a head of leaf lettuce, 4 bags of Halloween candy, a bar of Lever 200o soap, just to name a few. They all were different outcomes, (ahem) but he has a stomach of steel for some reason and continues to try to eat everything he can put in his mouth. You'd think we don't feed him! He has also had surgery to repair tendons in both back legs, shattered the bones in one of his back paws and most recently broke one of the large K-9 teeth and had to have it removed. He has been excellent preparation for having a baby! It makes me sad that he is coming towards the end of his time with us because I can't imagine my life without him! He is such a special dog and we will never be able to "replace" him, even though we will definitely get another golden after he has passed.

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  1. awww they are adorable. Pets truly do become a huge part of a family! I also have seen my children begin to have a love of animals. I believe that it helps them to become more gentle and caring, more so than kids who are not around pets!


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