Friday, September 11, 2009

The Daycare Search Begins...

At the Schulze house summer is mostly over. We are not doing much of any preservation of garden items, our wonderful canoe vacation in Canada is over and even weekends at the lake are pretty much done for the year. It was a great and very fun summer, but now it is time to focus on the tasks of fall...

Choosing a daycare for our child being the first task on the list. Tomorrow I will be visiting a place fairly close to our home that is a licensed home facility that has great potential. Great potential thus far being it is a place that we could actually afford to send our child to! The last place I looked at was $900 per month for an infant... The place I am looking at tomorrow is $460 per month. Much more affordable, for very comparable services (as in the child to adult ratio is similar at both places).

The next task is getting the nursery ready for baby's arrival. We have trim work to do around the window and baseboards to install. Then after cleaning everything else out of that room (it was formerly our guest room/office) it should get us one step closer to moving in the baby furniture. I even start refinishing an antique dresser this weekend that will become the baby's. Thankfully my Mom is very experienced in refinishing furniture and she has offered to help me through the process! I am excited to start!

Hopefully the daycare search will not take too long. I would like to have chosen a provider by the end of September (middle of October at the latest) just in case the baby decides to make an earlier than expected entry into this world. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed we not only find a provider, but that we find an excellent provider!

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